40 years of passion.

T.C.M.I. is a leading Company of ” piping – carpentry – industrial assembly ” T.C.M.I. is a leading Company of “piping – carpentry – industrial assembly” sector since 1978, in particular for carbon steel , inox and P.V.C. industrial, chemical, hydrothermal plants, and automatic production line systems. T.C.M.I. tackle many welding applications in virtually every form of welding, including MMA, MIG, TIG and Oxy Acetylene gas, and in accordance with ASME IX° and/or UNI EN 288.3 by the Italian Institute of Welding and/or by the Italian Naval Register (R.I.NA.).

T.C.M.I. has obtained the Quality Certificationfrom the Italian Institute of Welding Sincert, in compliance with the ISO 3834.2 standard which deals with the specific quality requirements for companies that carry out their activity mainly in the field of welded structures with inclusion in the central register for certified companies of the European federation (EWF) registered under No. 2/IT/725.